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Tips to Become Top Seller on the Online Buy and Sell Platform

Starting a business is sometimes not easy, an entrepreneur must be ready to be friends with the circumstances of profit and loss. Likewise with the online buying and selling business that seems to be in great demand by the public. In practice, there is no difference between selling online and selling physically. Both need reliable marketing skills to become a top seller.
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Looking back, currently internet users in Indonesia have reached 171.7 million people based on data released by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII). Seeing such a large number, of course, the existence of an online trading platform that includes a marketplace, e-commerce, and online shop is familiar to our ears. Data in 2018 states that, growth in online shopping customers have increased 11.9 per cent of the population. Of course, this opportunity must be utilized as well as possible, especially by online businesses. Then about how well so that we as online business entrepreneurs can become successful top sellers? Here below are tips that you can apply:
Become a Top Seller by Choosing the Best Online Buying and Selling Platform
There are many different online trading platforms offered today. Such as Tokopedia, BukaLapak, Blibli, Lazada, Shopee marketplace platforms. Then e-commerce such as Zalora, Rabbani,, Otten Coffee, etc. And online shops are like online shops that usually sell their products on Instagram or Facebook. Focus your choices on marketing on just a few platforms but can provide the best service for customers. If you want to market products in the marketplace, choose a marketplace that has the most number of visitors each day, because that will affect your online store visit.

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Become a Top Seller by Prioritizing Service
When you have an online store, instil the principle that service to customers is the number one priority. Get used to as quickly as possible respond to customers, be friendly and polite and understand customer desires. All of this will ultimately affect customer ratings giving the marketplace platform rating for their satisfaction after shopping. Do not just because they do not meet directly with customers, then neglect to appreciate them.

Become a Top Seller and Join the Product Segmentation Community
To become a top seller, it helps you do a little out of the ordinary. One of them is to join a community that has the same segmentation as the product you are selling. For example, you market sports products so you can join the sports community in your home complex area. Or search for a sports community group on Facebook. In this way, you are unconsciously trying to expand the network of friends that you have. And it could be, from that community you get new customers.
Become a Top Seller by giving Attractive Offers
The next tip that you might try to become a top seller is to offer attractive offers to customers. The form can be in the form of discounts, free postage, give away, etc. Although it seems simple, this effort is effective enough to lure consumers to be interested in buying products in your store.
Become a Top Seller by Providing Guarantees
When the ordered goods are sent to the customer, we do not know what will happen during the tracking process. It could be, the product purchased is damaged. Although it is not entirely the seller’s fault, but related to the warranty will be one of the supporting factors consumers are interested in seeing and buying your product. If necessary if there is damage caused by the store, then it is better to be replaced in full.
Become a Top Seller by cooperating with Influencers
Today many influencers have sprung up on the Instagram platform. Usually, these influencers have many fanatical fans. You can use this moment to work with these influencers to market or review your product. However, adjust the influencers that you invite to work together according to the segmentation of the products you sell. Do not let the influencer damage the image of your product.
Become a Top Seller with a different Marketing
Unique marketing will usually attract the interest of people to feel curious and interested in buying. At a minimum, if they don’t buy, they have gotten information about your product. So how do you do it? One of them, you can also promote your product in the public figure Instagram comment column. Usually, comments about a unique product can be responded to a lot by netizens. That way they will be curious and start to find out.
Approximately like that tips to become a reliable top seller. You can start trying it yourself and prove the results. At least the spirit of providing service to customers can be the foundation for you to provide the best buying and selling services.
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