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Top 5 Most Popular Offline Android & iOS Game Recommendations. No. 1 Most Challenging

The existence of games in smartphones has been considered as a necessity. In addition to other applications such as the Whatsapp, online transportation, banking, social media, or other entertainment applications. However, often we are frustrated by ourselves, if the internet quota runs out quickly because we often play games. If that means it’s time to install the game offline. Below are the recommendations of 5 best android and iOS offline games from the editor. We start from the lowest order to the most champions
5. Bubble Shootter
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For those of you who don’t like the extreme game genre, this one offline game can be tried. The way to play it is quite simple, just shoot a colored balloon into a similar balloon so that it can burst, it’s easy right? When viewed in Playstore, the rating of this game is quite high at 4.3 and has been downloaded by 1 million users. In addition, this game is also lightweight, requiring only 23 Mb quota to be downloaded. So what are you waiting for?
4. Taxi 2
Ilustration : Taxi 2 
As the name implies, this game is like a simulator when you want to try to be an online driver. Later you will be given the task to deliver passengers to their destinations on time. When late, you will not get a score. Even though it can be played offline, the graphics in this game are pretty good, showing neat city views and easy game operation. Unfortunately, the rating of Taxi 2 in PlayStore is still low at 3.6.

3. Badland
Ilustration Badland
Created by the Frogmind company in 2013. This game shows the adventures of small creatures in the wild jungle. Strangely, the little creature is round with long arms like wings. To play it you have to keep on tapping the cellphone screen through obstacles in the forest in the form of crashing into trees, thorns, branches, etc. Uniquely that little creature can be enlarged and can shrink. This game requires speed and accuracy. Because if you can’t catch the screen that keeps moving to the right, then the game is stopped. This offline game is worth downloading plus the graphic of the state of the wild forest is good to look at.

2. Dr. Parking
Illustration Dr Parking
This game made by a Korean developer will make the game feel annoyed by themselves. Because the job is quite simple just park the car with all the obstacles. The rules in this game are not to crash into other cars and hit the road divider. Need accuracy and patience to play this offline game. Even so, the demand is pretty much already downloaded by more than 50 million gamers.

1. Cover Fire
Illustration Cover Fire
The next offline game that has a duel genre with a type of shooting game that is Cover Fire. You can download this game with a quota of 359 Mb and then without a quota you can already play this game. In this game your location is determined at war. Your job is to shoot your opponents right before they shoot you. The graphics are pretty good set in a war atmosphere with orange or brown background. At least this game has been downloaded by 10 million users with a rating of 4.6.
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