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Types of Digital Marketing Effective for Companies

The past twenty years the pattern of marketing in Indonesia is still dominated by conventional marketing patterns. Shown through making brochures, fliers, catalogs, or advertisements on television and radio.
However, after the industry is familiar with the digital world, conventional marketing patterns are deemed ineffective due to unfocused target customers and high production costs. Now more companies look to carry out strategies through digital marketing patterns.
Simply put, the notion of digital marketing is the marketing pattern of a product that is done digitally by optimizing the function of the internet. On the internet there are many platforms such as social media, market places, email, websites, search engines, etc. All platforms can be optimized for digital marketing. Below are some types of digital marketing that you can do:
1. Digital marketing through social media
Social media has become a platform that is widely used by the public. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. With so many people using social media, the opportunity to spread information will be faster. Especially if the information is conveyed by influencers or someone who has a large and famous influence on the social media. In addition to the influencer, you can also use Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or YouTube Ads to reach potential customers. Through social media too, you can freely open online stores like most online shops found on Instagram.
2. Digital Marketing through the Website
In the age of technology, as now many companies create websites. This needs to be done so that customers can immediately find the products needed on the company’s website. Apart from being part of company information, the website also functions as a 24-hour sales representative. You can also add a purchase feature on your website. So that customers easily make transactions.
3. Digital marketing through Search Engine optimization
Digital marketing can also be done by maximizing search engines, so that your website or product can appear in the top row of Google. There are two types of ways that can be done to maximize the function of search engines, namely organic and non-organic. An organic example is to optimize search engine optimization (SEO), which is cheaper because it does not cost money, but the process takes longer. The second way is non-organic, by placing advertisements on Google or called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Of course, in this way you need to pay for advertising, but your website will quickly rise in line with Google’s search engine.
4. Digital marketing through video marketing
Since the existence of a platform for video uploading on the internet, many companies have made the concept of video marketing digital. Either with the general form of creative advertising that is usually shown on television, or advertising patterns with the concept of review / testimony of a product. All forms of video are widely available on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. And these videos have a considerable impact on influencing customers to buy a product.
5. Digital marketing through email marketing
You can get a list of potential customers when there are potential customers who subscribe to your website. From there, you can send email blasts for the products or services your company provides. In the email blast it usually contains information about the new program that you are creating, or promotions about your product.
6. Digital marketing through collaboration
This marketing pattern is fairly new. The trick is to collaborate ideas to make a product together with other brands. The benefit of this collaboration is to attract customers from the two brands to be interested in buying new products offered. There have been many examples of collaborating products such as the collaboration of Gojek and Blue Bird, Walls and Buavita, Mc Donald and Disney, KFC and Coca Cola, Indomie and Nike, Kaws and Air Jordan 4 and many other collaborations.
7. Digital marketing through digital advertising
This method can be a superior way for you to develop your business. You can place ads through display ads, PPC (Pay per click) or utilize advertisements contained in various social media platforms. By using digital advertising the cost is cheaper, more effective, focused on target customers and marketing data.
Examples of Successful Digital Marketing Cases
After knowing about the understanding and types of digital marketing, you also need to know examples of successful cases of digital marketing marketing. One example is the Pocari Sweat product. When it first arrived in Indonesia, this brand took the digital agency XM Gravity for four years. This digital agency then changed the marketing strategy carried out by Pocari Sweat, by changing the look of the website to be more user friendly, and interesting to look at. In addition, they also took brand ambassadors from JKT 48 and AKB 48. XM Gravity also presented a figure of Pocariman who actively appeared on social media, so that he could accompany Pocari Sweat better known in the community. With all these efforts, now these ionizing drinks have many customers in Indonesia.
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